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Camu Camu - Small fruits with great power!

Pubblicato il: 21/02/2019

Camu Camu - Small fruits with great power!

Camu Camu is a small fruit that grows in the largest natural laboratory on earth: The Amazon forest. Due to its unique ecosystem and with a virgin and mineral-rich soil, the Amazon forest provides the majority of ingredients contained in modern commercial medicines.

Short introduction
Small in size but big in talent, Camu Camu, whose botanical name is "Myrciaria Dubia", stands at the top of the scientific rankings for the vitamin C content, boasting 2145 milligrams per 100 gr, second only to the small Australian plum " Ferdinandiana Terminals "which contains around 2900 milligrams.

The yellow-red fruits are harvested when ripe, presenting a very sour taste it is consumed dried, in the form of powder, by the indigenous communities of Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia mixed with other ingredients such as wild honey and fruit juices.

In the Amazon Camu Camu is known for its therapeutic and energizing properties, it is used to treat infections, promote fertility, treat fever and impaired vision. Without necessarily knowing its scientific abilities, populations of the Amazon, have always valued this fruit which, it is said, favors longevity. Science today confirms what the natives of the American continent have always known: Camu Camu is an incredible source of phytonutrients. Read on to learn more.



Vitamin C plays a vital role on the human organism, our body however doesn’t produce it and given its soluble nature gets easily dispersed with elimination of urine; we, therefore, need to integrate it in our diet daily.

Camu Camu is the most effective there is to avoid any Vit C deficiencies, to get an idea of ​​how powerful these fruits are, we report below a table calculated on the standard values ​​for 100 gr of product, highlighting the very high quantities of Vit C, Manganese and Copper.


0.4 gr proteins

0.2 gr fat

2145 milligrams Vit C (3575% DV)

2.1 milligrams Manganese (106% DV)

0.2 milligrams Copper (10% DV)

0.5 milligrams Iron (3% DV)

12.4 milligrams Magnesium (3% DV)

15.7 milligrams Calcium (2% DV)

83.8 milligrams Potassium (2% DV)

0.4 milligrams Zinc (2% DV)


Property and Virtue

The role of Vit C rich foods on human health is ancient history. Without acknowledging the existence of actual Vitamin C, in the 18th century a Scottish doctor serving the British navy, tested different types of acidic foods on patients suffering from scurvy, discovering that lemon-lime and citrus fruits in general, produced a drastic and almost immediate effect for the disappearance of the disease.

It was only by the mid 20th century that science took a big step forward and began to isolate and study the active ingredients contained in foods and plants, discovering vitamins and their role in human nutrition; Only later pharmaceutical companies were able to reproduce them in synthetic form.

Natural vs. synthetic, in the field of vitamins, is a theme that animates the debates, regardless to commercial side of the argument there is certainly a big difference between the absorption, by our digestive system, of vitamins in their natural form and vitamins processed in the laboratory: What comes from nature is generally better tolerated and absorbed with more ease. Mind you, supplements formulated in the lab are effective especially in case of serious deficiencies but they lack in all the other microelements, such as fiber, minerals and amino acids generally found in natural foods and plants. Camu Camu is a great example, as beside the abundance of Vitamin C contains important:

1. carotenoids (355 mcg)

2. Amino acids such as Leutin, an essential amino acid that helps keep blood sugar levels stable and promotes the production of growth hormone, which helps to control body weight.

And it's just the beginning, here's what else we can expect from Camu Camu:


1. Aid to the Immune System

When immune system calls, Vit C responds! nothing can help the immune system in its difficult task as Vitamin C can do. Ascorbic acid, the active component of Vitamin C is an "electrode donor", with the ability to penetrate the cell giving it the necessary electrodes to fight free radicals responsible for oxidative stress and promoting the proliferation of lymphocytes. There is an obvious relationship between the immune response and Vitamin C as we will see later.


2. Combats infections of various kind, fungi and parasites

Camu Camu, is a great ally against infections. It was the American biochemist Professor Linus Pauling in the 40s to demonstrate the role of Ascorbic Acid in the fight against infections, deserving two Nobel prizes for his revolutionary discoveries. Many studies have followed, finally conveying a fundamental fact: The quantities of Vit C in our body are rapidly consumed in the presence of any infection, ergo Vit C responds to the signals of the immune system very quickly in case of attacks by pathogens, carrying out a very effective role as anti-mycotic, anti-microbial and natural killer for any infection.


3. Produces collagen

Raise your hand if care about the quality of your skin!  By regularly taking even a small daily dose of Camu Camu we help our body to produce the necessary amounts of Collagen, a protein essential for the health of the epidermis and other body tissues’ such as tendons, ligaments and cartilages, cornea and blood vessels. Collagen is also necessary for the health of the digestive tract and it is a metabolism activator.

4. Helps the Liver[2]

Studies conducted on rats in 2010 have shown how the Camu Camu can be effective for repairing liver injuries; rats were given high doses of Camu Camu with surprising results. It would seem that “Mathylmalate" (of which Camu Camu is abounds) would be the substance responsible for this prodigy.

It is quite probable that Camu Camu, exploiting the combination of Mathylmalate and phytonutrient, could be of great help to those suffering from liver disorders.


5. Energy and good mood

It is not new, those suffering from lack of vitamin C often feel tired and gloomy. This correlation is a complex one and induces us to wonder what role Vit C plays on our well-being; two aspects in particular are worthy of mention.

- The role of Iron - "fixer" that Vit C covers: Vit C In fact fixes and helps the absorption of non-hem iron therefore adding a teaspoon of camu camu to a smoothie or green leafy vegetable juice is a good tip for those suffering from iron deficiency!

- The production of Serotonin: Vit C is a co-factor for the conversion of the Tryptophan necessary for the production of Serotonin, the hormone of well-being. Studies carried out by the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal found the correlation between Vit C deprivation and the immediate drop in serotonin levels, demonstrating that this situation could be rapidly reversed with adequate doses of Vit C.


6. Anti- Inflammatory

The inflammatory process is a natural response of the immune system to aggression. The problem occurs when the inflammation is chronic and turns into chronic diseases. There are many scientific studies that focus on both, how to prevent the negative effects of the immune response and how to help patients to tolerate pain.

Vit C has long been associated with a favorable response in the reduction of inflammation and Camu Camu in particular is the subject of many studies. Just to mention few: The Department of Food Engineering of the University of Campinhas in Brazil, and Department of Food Technologies of the University of Murcia have recently endorsed the role of Camu Camu[3].


7. Prevents macular degeneration

Camu Camu could help prevent common age-related vision disorders’, such as macular degeneration. A study sponsored by the National Eye Institute (USA) associates the degeneration of vision with the deficiency of certain vitamins demonstrating that patients at risk of macular degeneration, who take a dose equal to 500mg a day of Vit C (together with beta-carotene supplements, Zinc and Vit E), managed to slow down the progression of the disease of about 25%[4].


[1] [1]




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